3D Reality Capture

See the world in high definition 360º 

We use the latest in terrestrial scanning technology to bring your assets to life in a highly accurate and precise 3D view.  Once modelled in detail and 3D, your data will be compliant with BIM Level 2 as a minimum and if the Level of Detail is high enough, BIM Level 3.  We align our data standards and processes outlined in ISO 19650 - Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM) — Information management using building information modelling.


Building information modeling (BIM) is a process supported by various tools and technologies involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places.

Reduce risk, save time and money by using authoritative 3D data that enhances the design process and builds trust into your processes from the start.

By visualising and managing your design and assets in 3D you create a common operating environment and a collaborative platform for all members of the team to benefit from.

RealScan offer a turnkey solution that integrates high quality data and services to your business processes and readies you for the future of design, construction and asset management.


“Digital twins are becoming a business imperative, covering the entire lifecycle of an asset or process and forming the foundation for connected products and services. Companies that fail to respond will be left behind.”
Thomas Kaiser, SAP Senior Vice President of IoT

Think of this way.  By being able to visualise your existing space and what you might put in it, allows for efficient and valuable analysis during the whole design and construct process.  It also enables those fitting the assets to have a clear working environment with clear indications on where assets, devices and components need to be installed to be operated properly.  It consistently puts everyone on the same page.

Let us help you bring your assets into the world of digital twins.  Bring those old buildings that only have hand drawn plans to life in millimeter accurate 3D point cloud.  Have the ability to plan to the finest detail over and over again to avoid issues onsite.