Kendall and Justin have worked together on some major programmes in the UK.  The focus of these major programmes is around leveraging a BIM solution and the value it can bring to your organisation.

Now we're in South Africa and have teamed up to form RealScan where we are focusing on all aspects of reality capture, from 360 virtual reality tours, to 3D point cloud and everything in-between.  Our unique experience links the design and construct world, to geospatial to BIM to property management.

Our mission is to bring you high quality imagery, 3D point cloud data and IoT solutions for your projects that allows you to quickly, efficiently and very cost effectively model your environment so you can make the best possible decisions and benefit your bottom line.

We're passionate about data and improving the way things are done in 3D. 


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Kendall +27 79 649 1270

Justin +27 79 271 7231