We provide turnkey solutions for all your reality capture requirements.

Using state of the art technology we offer the following:

  • 360 Virtual Tours or interactive photo capture for VR

  • Full 3D high definition point cloud scanning and HDR imagery

  • 3D Visualisation tools to access your data on any platform on any device

  • Floor plans, 3D Models - any design element you need

  • Project Management tools for monitoring progress across any project size or location

  • Data hosting and streaming services

Who can benefit from this data?

Design Engineers

Acquiring authoritative data early on in a project is a challenge and more often than not, very expensive.  As-built drawings may not be available and most will not be 3D models but rather 2D plans that need to digitised into something that can be used to inform design.

A 3D point cloud of the asset or facility as it exists right now can be generated quickly and in exceptional detail thereby speeding up the design process and negate the need for multiple site visits to measure something.

Oh, and yest the point cloud data imports straight into your favorite design software making your life easier and making your designs 'pop' making you the rock-star you are on the project.

Architects and Interior Designers

When a project is about taking an existing building and updating it, refurbishment or extensions, there is a need for relevant, accurate base information to speed up the process.  

This is where come in.  You will get highly accurate, high resolution data that you can not only use to inform deisgn but to measure accurately against too.  All members of the team will be falling over themselves to get their hands on your data.

Oh, and yes we can provide this to you in hours and days rather than days and weeks or months (shock horror).


Let's be honest, managing sub-contractors is hard work.  By using 3D reality capture data you take out the guess work and insert a detailed model and design that must be implemented as you require it.  You know everything will fit so you can keep their timeline in check.

If you're the subcontractor then life just got easy for you.  No guess work, you know where it needs to go and you can get on and do the installation.

Scanning also helps to measure progress so everyone is informed and along the way and everyone gets what they want and everyone is happy.

BIM Manager

Oh yes BIM Managers we['ve got your back to.  We know the struggles of getting your teams to accept that BIM is here to stay.  You want and need it all in 3D models and you want collaborative design process and you want to develop the 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D solutions but you need to the 3D base data to get going.

We come from that world and have been there and done that in some of the UK's biggest engineering projects (think London 2012, Thames Tideway and High Speed 2).

We are here to make you shine and provide the data and visualisation you need in a fraction of the time and certainly at a fraction of the cost. 

Everyone is happy.

Project Executives and Managers

Keeping a handle on things is tough and your performance is measured on this.

Monitoring adn reporting are critical in a project and you need ways to ensure quality and integrity throughout.

We can help here too.  By being able to view progress of actual construction against design in 3D and highlight areas behind schedule quickly, then you're outperforming everyone else in the office.  Oh, and you want to view this on your tablet, of course you can.  

Property Developers / Estate Agents

Getting more GLA is essential and high accurate scanning helps gain you 4-6% based on traditional measuring techniques.  That should get you smiling.

Also, marketing your properties is essential so floor plans, layouts, 3D visuals and a 360 virtual tour are all part of what we do.  

Building Owners

Managing a large asset like a building requires a solid representation of what you have, where things are and their installation details - you need an asset management solution.  

Your BIM Managers will get excited here as they can hand all that over to you at the end of project as it was designed to work like this.  Managing it in 3D with the information part of the data makes life a lot easier than clipboards and spreadsheets.  You want accurate base plans, no problem, this is bread and butter stuff off a 3D point cloud.

Plus, we add another service here in - 360 degree visualisations or virtual tours are part of what we do.  This is even quicker than scanning and is a great marketing tool.